When you look in the mirror and no longer know what you see

With Selin Bilgin

Selin gets very real about her struggle with an eating disorder and all the physical symptoms that occurred from it.

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About Selin Bilgin

Selin Bilgin, B.A, R.H.N., is the founder of Luscious Living: Where Personal Growth Meets Wellness. She is a dynamic public speaker, workshop facilitator, and holistic nutritionist.    She believes that lasting change, and importantly, radiance, vitality, and the ability to do the things we love in life come from continually becoming the best version of ourselves. She consults women primarily around hormone balance and weight release and speaks to companies about wellness, productivity, and goal attainment.   You can find Selin out in the mountains with her friends, improv acting, or curled up on the couch with the love of life with a new book. Please go to www.selinbilgin.com or https://www.instagram.com/_lusciousliving_/ to learn more about her work.


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