Do you know how important gut health is?

With Lori Sawyer

Lori and Caren join me, and we get deep into gut health!!! They share how gut health helps immunity, weight loss and your overall health.

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About Lori Sawyer

Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition was founded by 2 moms from NJ. Training moms coming back from having babies, they discovered extreme nutrition programs, yo yo diets, and a lot of lost mammas!

So they decided to figure out a way to have their coffee, cream, butter, tequila, bacon, and wine, and still lose weight! They have created clean eating give and take a program that not only works but can be maintained long term.  

Their approach to clean foods, combined with education has been a huge hit with moms all over the country. They are now virtually based and their programs can be done anywhere in the world. Their first book, Shrink Your Body, Grow Your Mind is now on amazon.  

They have been seen on The Joe Piscopo show and Liquid Lunch With John Tobacco. To learn more about Lori and Caren, visit:  

You can also follow them on social media to grab tips, hints, recipes and more:  




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