When the plates are spinning and you just can’t count one more calorie

With Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola and I go deep in why cookie-cutter approaches, fad diets, and extreme exercise don’t work!!! Lindsay reveals some of the practices she uses with her clients in her program called “The Body Project” and how and why just counting calories in food and exercise isn’t going to lead us to the body and life we ultimately want! 

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About Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola, is a fitness entrepreneur, coach, and motivational speaker with a passion for helping success-driven professionals how to discover the power of one’s personal and professional potential. After leaving her NYC-corporate career in 2007, she founded Body Project, a company dedicated to offering fitness and mindset programs for success-driven women. A sought-after speaker and coach, Lindsay energizes professionals to discover their fullest potential through entertaining story, proven science, and simple strategy. Lindsay is a keynote speaker and consultant across-industries, and has been featured in Shape, Livestrong, and other national media for her unique approach to achieving personal potential through physical and mental fitness.


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