Losing over 150 pounds, while facing your inner critic head on!

With Jennifer McKee

Jennifer talks to me about mindset and her passion for inner critic work!!

This is definitely one you will want to take notes on!!

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Tame Your Inner Critic Guide - Have you ever done something "wrong" and automatically were negative with yourself? Maybe you told yourself you would not eat out this week but gave in to temptation. After the meal, you automatically told yourself that you are a failure, you have no willpower, and/or that this is just who you are and you are destined to be unhealthy.  This is your inner critic. The inner critic can sabotage us and prevent us from becoming a better version of ourselves.   In this guide, I discuss the keys to managing your inner critic so you can live life as the best version of yourself. This guide includes action steps so you can implement what you learn.

About Jennifer McKee

Jennifer McKee is a Certified Health Coach who has lost 185 lbs naturally despite struggling with yo-yo dieting and emotional/binge eating for almost 30 years. She was able to lose the weight despite not being able to exercise much at the first part of her journey due to severe plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. This foot condition drastically limited her mobility and caused chronic pain. By focusing mainly on nutrition, mindset, and committing to herself, she was able to create healthy habits gradually over time and transform her life.

Since becoming a health coach, Jennifer has helped hundreds of people transform their lives. Not only have her clients lost weight, but they have also dramatically improved their mindset, self-love, commitment, and integrity. Learn more at https://mckeehealth.com/private-health-coaching/.

Jennifer's podcast, Warrior in Progress™, features honest and vulnerable discussions about how to make lasting mindset shifts so you can commit to yourself and transform your life.


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