Tighten Your Tinkler – Yes, we are serious!

With Jenn Lormand

 Jenn Lormand & Christina Walsh explain how most pelvic problems can be overcome by strengthening the muscles in the area to work as a cohesive team.

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About Jenn Lormand

 We are Jenn Lormand (Exercise Physiologist) and Christina Walsh (Physical Therapist). We have been helping women heal and feel better in their bodies again for a combined 36 years. After 5 different personal childbirth experiences and various recovery issues, we created our Signature Program as a comprehensive path to help all women have the opportunity to feel better in their bodies again. We tested our program through academic research, and the results were even better than we could’ve hoped for. We hear from women that they accept lots of issues and symptoms in their bodies as their ‘new normal’ after having kids or as a result of getting older. They believe they just have to live with leaking pee, pain with sex, pelvic or rectal pressure, and back and hip tightness. That’s not true!! The solution is SO much easier than you might think… 



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