If you hate to move, but love to eat…

With Esta McIntyre

Esta sits down with me and talks about her new book " Fitness for women who love to eat and hate to move."

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About Esta McIntyre

My name is Esta McIntyre, and I am the founder of My Health Studio in Westlake Village… a wonderful 15-year-old boutique fitness and wellness studio offering the finest in group, semi-private and private fitness, CPR and wellness education.  

I have made it my mission to focus on outcomes instead of merely activities, and I am on a quest to facilitate change in peoples’ lives in a positive and big way. Aging should be a joyous experience. A time to reap the harvest of the seeds we have planted. Wouldn’t it be so much better to experience this process from a place of high energy and health?  

How can we really produce long-term health and wellness improvement?  The truth is until you develop a custom fitness blueprint, driven by a compelling dream, you’ll find it difficult to stay on course.  This is what my program will provide for you.

That’s why I wrote, “Fitness for Women Who Love to Eat and Hate to Move.”  It’s filled with humor while providing a path to develop a team and customized mind, body spirit plan. I believe that when we create a loving and positive impact – even on a grassroots level, we can create unbeatable momentum.

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