Clothes and Confidence? Are they related?

With Elisa Ellis

Elisa sits down with me and we talk about the importance of feeling good in the clothes you are in! Who knew??? Not only does Elisa walk me through the appropriate size, color and prints of clothes, but she also gives great insight on what to do if you have a closet like mine!!!!

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Top 10 Tips to Cleaning Out Your Closet - Complimentary 30 minute Style Strategy Session

About Elisa Ellis

For close to a decade, Elisa Ellis has been transforming closets and the lives of women everywhere. Her impeccable sense of style is what sets her apart from her peers and her clients can’t get enough of her expertise. Elisa isn’t interested in trends – she is incredibly passionate about helping her clients look and feel their very best in every conceivable situation and she will stop at nothing until she has achieved the perfect look.   Elisa graduated from UCLA in 1993 and went on to have a successful career as an event planner at UCLA and Stanford University. In 2013, a move with her family to Westlake Village, CA changed her career focus and she became a stylist full time. Since then, Elisa has been helping her clients find new ways to style outfits, organize their closets, coordinate spectacular outfits, as well as shop for new, timeless pieces. Elisa is passionate about helping her clients find new levels of confidence by elevating their style, so that they look good and feel good when they walk out the door, into a board room, or up onto a stage.


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