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Master Trainer

MoMo truly believes in being yourself, loving yourself, loving people and always finding ways to connect with everyone you meet and feels blessed to be able to do that all through POUND!

Founder of FitFighter

Sarah Apgar is the Founder of FitFighter, a complete strength training system that makes you ready for your everyday mission. Sarah and FitFighter have been featured on ABC News, USA Sports Radio, Armed Forces Network, and Oxygen Magazine

Consultant for Women

Selin Bilgin, B.A, R.H.N., is the founder of Luscious Living: Where Personal Growth Meets Wellness. She is a dynamic public speaker, workshop facilitator, and holistic nutritionist.    She believes that lasting change, and importantly, radiance & vitality.

Fitness Professional

 Darla Andrews is a veteran fitness professional, successful entrepreneur, and mother of five beautiful daughters. Darla’s passion and purpose are to help others achieve their goals and not only build their best body but build their best life as well.

Leader of Change

Laura Poburan believes that there are already enough nutritionists, therapists, and self-love guru’s in the world. Laura bridges the gap between nutrition, psychology, and human behavior for a completely new healing-based approach to weight loss.

Mindset Coach

Leslie “Coach C” Trujillo, M.A., is an Athletic Performance and Mindset Coach, developing Champions in all areas of their life. Leslie is the host of The Developing Athlete Podcast and the co-author of the book, DEAR HER: Letters to teenage girls and young ladies on lessons learned through education, athletics, and life.  

Fitness Coach & Inspirational Leader

Brady is dedicated my life to helping other people “Live a life worth telling a story about. Brady started Fearless Fitness in 2018 to create a community where people can go to change their lives in a safe, judgment-free, positive and inspirational environment.

Group Fitness Instructor

Samantha Lazaris is a full time entrepreneur, Co-owner and founder of Ohana Fitness and Wellness. Her passion in life is helping women not only discover a new level of self love and happiness through fitness and nutrition.

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Erin Saba is a mom of 2, Co-owner of Ohana Fitness and Wellness. Her  main passion in life is to empower women through health and wellness.

Professional Stylist

 Elisa Ellis has been transforming closets and the lives of women everywhere. Her impeccable sense of style is what sets her apart from her peers and her clients can’t get enough of her expertise. 

Fitness Entrepreneur & Coach

Lindsay Vastola has a passion for helping success-driven professionals how to discover the power of one’s personal and professional potential.

Certified Health Coach

Jennifer McKee is a Certified Health Coach who has lost 185 lbs naturally despite struggling with yo-yo dieting and emotional/binge eating for almost 30 years. Jennifer has helped hundreds of people transform their lives.

Personal Development Coach

 Steven Nathenson helps others communicate effectively, lead authentically, empower themselves, and develop high performing teams. His greatest accomplishments lie in the success he helps others achieve.

Best-Selling Author & coach

Kelli holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education and certifications in Personal Training, TRX and Youth Fitness. Kelli’s life purpose is to create, motivate, support, and inspire people to get stronger in their lives, inside and out. 

Keynote Speaker & Coach

Rose Lounsbury helps busy people reduce stress, improve wellness, and create more joy and balance in their lives through simplicity. Rose spends her days speaking, writing, and helping her clients  create more open spaces in their lives.

Personal Development Coach

 Jenn Lormand and Christina Walsh have been helping women heal and feel better in their bodies again for a combined 36 years. They created their Signature Program as a comprehensive path to help all women have the opportunity to feel better in their bodies again. 

Yoga Instructor

Lisa Lind found her passion in helping others achieve personal peace and well-being thru the physical practice of yoga, mindful breathing, and meditation. In 2016 Lisa decided to take her love for yoga to the next level and completed her 200-hour yoga instructor training.

Self- Care Coach

Kim Acedo is a virtual Health & Self-care Coach for professional women in midlife who have been taking care of everyone else and now say, “It’s MY turn to take care of ME!” Kim provides her clients the support, guidance, and accountability needed to create and sustain healthy habits and behaviors, while empowering them to build confidence, resilience, hope, and self-motivation along the way.